Incredible Image of Mount Roraima, Guyana

mount roraima Incredible Image of Mount Roraima, Guyana

Mount Roraima on the border between Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil

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Mount Roraima is the highest point in Guyana, the plateau standing at 2700 m with the peak at 2810 m in Venezuela. Roraima is the tripartite border of Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil, and at the moment can only be approached from the Venezuelan side. Part of the ancient Guiana Shield, which extends into Brazil and Venezuela and was once part of Gondwanaland before tectonic activity moved apart the continents of Africa and South America, Roraima has developed unique flora which huddles for shelter in pockets on the exposed, windswept plateau. Amazing rock formations have been carved by wind and water, and the ground is uneven and rocky with frequent crystal clear pools of excruciatingly cold water (good for the circulation apparently!) There are crystal beds that contain large, individual crystals in interesting shapes, and stunning views from the top over the Gran Sabana of Venezuela, provided the cloud cover lifts. A good guide should give you the opportunity to see all of these features once on the top.

map Incredible Image of Mount Roraima, Guyana

Map of Venezuela, showing Mount Roraima


San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala Becomes Travelers Haven

San Marcos, Guatemala has become one of the more popular destinations in Guatemala. It’s on the stunning Lake Atitlan and is the quieter sister town of San Pedro across the Lake, which has a reputation as a backpacker’s party haven. Growth and tourism has its difficulties as the the video from highlights.


“Where the Hell is Matt” Viral Video is a Hoax

Matt Harding, famous for his “Where the Hell is Matt” video that has received over 17 million views since June 08, is actually a hoax. The video was supposedly filmed at locations around the world as he backpacked the world on several trips, reveals that the video is actually a hoax and that’s he just an out of actor. Well done, Matt. Keep making these videos and we’ll keep watching.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.


Where to go: Iceland

iceland Where to go: Iceland

Iceland has a reputation as a beautiful place to travel and one that’s not overwhelmed by flocks of tourists in part because it’s also an expensive place to travel. Recently, Iceland has been hit hard by the economic global troubles (Matador Travel). Since the beginning of 2008, the Icelandic currency has lost close to 40% of its value vs. the Euro. The Associated Press reports that Iceland is “teetering on the brink of bankrupcy” (and you thought the U.S. troubles were bad). So if you’re not caught in mortage troubles of your own, it sounds like now might be a great time to head off to Iceland.

Iceland is a stunningly beautiful country, with friendly fun people, and Reykjavik has a reknowned nightlight.  Check out the video below on a Iceland roadtrip from


Los Angeles to New York in 4 Mins – Time Lapse

ny to la drive Los Angeles to New York in 4 Mins   Time Lapse

The great American Roadtrip. It’s a must do experience for every serious traveler. This country is huge and you can only truly appreciate it by driving from coast to coast. Here’s a 4 minutes time lapse video of the drive in case you don’t have 4 days to pull it off anytime soon.


Tokyology – Boing Boing TV

Boing Boing TV has feature on Tokyology, a documentary taking viewers through the eclectic and colorful world and culture of Tokyo. Tokyo is a place like unother for fashion, music, and culture. Check out the preview.


Where the Hell is Matt? Part 2

I profiled Matt’s original video in our first post. Matt made his first video of him dancing at various destinations in his travels and published in 2004. It became a huge web success and he’s made two more since then. Here’s his most recent. Inspiring. Here’s an HD version (incredible if you have the bandwidth). His website tells the story behind the videos and his travel.


The World’s Happiest Country – Denmark

denmark boat party The Worlds Happiest Country   Denmark

I always imagined the happiest country in the world to be Bhutan or some other small Buddhist country in Asia. But according the to first ever published map of world happiness, it’s Denmark. Not hard to believe, as every Dane I’ve met traveling has been easy going and fun. Now there’s at least one more reason to visit Denmark. Tim Ferriss of the 4 Hour Workweek gives us six more reasons to visit Denmark.

map of world happiness The Worlds Happiest Country   Denmark

If you were wondering, here are the next happiest countries by rank (oh yeah, the U.S. was 23rd, U.K. was 41st) by “Subjective Well Being”:

  1. Denmark
  2. Switzerland
  3. Austria
  4. Iceland
  5. Bahamas
  6. Finland
  7. Sweden
  8. Bhutan (I wasn’t too far off)
  9. Brunei
  10. Canada

Check out this slideshow for a more comprehensive list. To do for 2008, try to get to as many on the top 10 list as possible. Here’s an alternative list of the world’s happiest countries by Happy Planet Index.