Greatest Job in the World – Tropical Island Caretaker

The rough life of an island caretaker on Hamilton Island

Australia is now offering the “Greatest Job in the World” as an island caretaker in the Great Barrier Reef. The job pays $105,000 (US) and includes free airfares from the winner’s home country to Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland.

In return, the “island caretaker” will be expected to stroll the white sands, snorkel the reef, take care of “a few minor tasks” — and report to a global audience via weekly blogs, photo diaries and video updates.

The successful applicant, who will stay rent-free in a three-bedroom beach home complete with plunge pool and golf buggy, must be a good swimmer, excellent communicator and be able to speak and write English.

“The fact that they will be paid to explore the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, swim, snorkel and generally live the Queensland lifestyle makes this undoubtedly the best job in the world.”

Sounds rough. Here’s more on the job description, responsibilities, and photos of the island on their website:


San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala Becomes Travelers Haven

San Marcos, Guatemala has become one of the more popular destinations in Guatemala. It’s on the stunning Lake Atitlan and is the quieter sister town of San Pedro across the Lake, which has a reputation as a backpacker’s party haven. Growth and tourism has its difficulties as the the video from highlights.


The World’s Most Obnoxious Tourists – Is Anyone Surprised?

Aren\'t they all obnoxious?

OK, so I’m sick of the rap that American tourists get around the world. Just because we invade a sovereign nation, say, once every 3-4 years or so, doesn’t mean that our tourists should take the brunt of the heat. And we catch a lot of flack traveling, although in berating US tourists other travelers would always express the caveat that I of course was different from stereotypical Americans. Well, it turns out we’re not so bad. The French are the worst (shocking). According to a recent international survey and a Time magazine article, the French placed second to last behind last placed Chinese and third last placed Indians as the worst ranked tourist in the world. First off, I didn’t know that the Chinese and Indians made up a significant part of tourism. The Japanese were most liked, followed by Germans, British, and Canadians. The U.S. finished 11th overall, but received high marks for trying to speak local languages (huh?) and tipping well.

The survey was taken by employees in 4,000 hotels in Germany, the U.K., Italy, France, Canada and the U.S. for the French travel website The study asked respondents to rank clients by nationality on criteria of general attitude, politeness, tendency to complain, willingness to speak local languages, interest in sampling local cuisine, readiness to spend money, generosity, cleanliness, discretion and elegance. The US state department generously provided the funding for the study, thanks again GW!