The Worst Travel Writing

2008 is coming to a close and the internets are being inundated by best and worst lists. The Chicago Tribune published an article entitled “Readers Picks: Overrated Travel Destinations of the World,” which could be one of the worst things I’ve read on travel. Here’s a few of the destinations that they list as the most overrated: Bali; Santa Fe, NM; Costa Rica (apparently the entire country); Lake Tahoe, and The Beach. They also list Sacramento and Riverside, but I don’t understand why anyone would recommend these places as travel destinations. Who’s ever planned a vacation to Riverside?!

Writing off The Beach as in every beach though?! The article says more about the contributors than the destinations. One contributor complains about a trip to Reykiavik, Iceland in February. Yes, I would agree traveling to Iceland in February is probably not all its cracked up to be, but then again I doubt anyone has raved about a trip there in the dead of an Icelandic Winter. That’s just a fact about travel destinations, most are seasonal. Don’t be an idiot and go to Iceland in the winter and complain about it. Clearing these guys are idiots.

The only destinations that I completely agree with the writers on as being entirely overrated are the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Hollywood Blvd.

ABC News publishes a much better article on the Top 10 Travel stories of 2008.