Packing Essentials For Your Adventure Trip

Mens Travel Collage

After a variety of solo and group outdoor excursions, I’ve come up with a list of 9 essential items to bring with you to make traveling a easier and more enjoyable. From tech gadgets to simple pleasures to frequently overlooked toiletries, this list will prove useful for any adventure trip.  It’s important to be thoughtful and efficient when packing for your adventure trip. Packing too little means you might be stuck without an important tool, while packing too much could lead to a cumbersome travel experience.

Travel influencers on Instagram have exploded in growth over the last few years and are becoming the go-to source for travel tips, packing and inspiration. Some destinations have actually become overwhelmed by the sheer number of tourists visiting now because of the publicity and interest that travel influencers can generate. Travel influencer marketing has become an entire new industry as hotel and travel brands gravitate towards these influencers and pay them to promote hotels and destinations.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Kindle Fire HD – Pack it with an endless number of good reads to keep you occupied throughout your entire trip, without having to sacrifice heavy books.

2. Built-In Purifier Water Bottle – The built in filter means fresh clean water, wherever you are.

3. All-in-one Mac Global Charger – With so many gadgets (iPhone, iPad, Macbook), it can be difficult to find enough outlets to charge them all. This all-in-one charger allows two items to be charged through one outlet, reducing the number of chargers, plugs, and adapters you need to carry. Plus, it comes equipped with 5 interchangeable adapters, so you’ll have power no matter the country.

4. RayBan Folding Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses – These polarized sunglasses fold up to fit in your pocket, making these the most convenient sunglasses out there.

5. Grado RS2i Headphones – Not only do these headphones provide excellent sound quality, but the larger over-ear size means mini-earbuds won’t be slipping out of your ears on that bumpy bus ride.

6. JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Convenient, small, and packed with a loud punch, this portable wireless speaker will provide amplified audio on the go.

7. Bicycle Distressed Playing Cards – These ruffed up Bicycle cards not only look like they’ve gone everywhere with you, but they’ll be able to go everywhere with you for solo entertainment without WiFi.

8. Toiletry Kit – This Minimergency Kit contains all the necessary toiletries and accessories you need and never remember to bring. Trust me, it’s a compact life saver.

9. Leather Passport Case Having a leather passport case not only looks suave, but it will protect your important documents and cards from the elements.