Amazing Photos of Diver Fighting and Killing 12 ft. Tiger Shark by Hand

tiger shark diver Amazing Photos of Diver Fighting and Killing 12 ft. Tiger Shark by Hand

Diver Craig Clasen grapples with a 12ft tiger shark to protect a friend

Craig Clasen was hunting yellow fin tuna with fellow fisherman Cameron Kirkconnell, photographer D.J Struntz (DJ Strunz’s portfolio) and film maker Ryan McInnis in the Gulf of Mexico when a 12 ft. Tiger Shark aggressively approached and circled Ryan McInnis in deep waters south of the Mississippi River’s mouth. Regarded by many as two of the world’s best free diving spearfishermen, Craig and Cameron have come into contact with thousands of sharks.

Craig Clasen immediately swam to his friend with his spear gun.

‘I positioned myself between Ryan and the shark and I tried to watch it for a second, hoping it would pass us by,’ explained 32-year-old Mr Clasen.

‘I noticed that the shark was getting tighter and tighter and just kept trying to get a back angle on us and behaving in an aggressive manner.

‘The shark made a roll and looked like it was going to charge us so I just went ahead and took the conservative route and put a shaft through its gills.

‘Cameron and I have been around sharks for years and we all have a lot of experience with them but this encounter had a different feel to it.

‘Down in my core I really felt the shark was there to feed. I didn’t want it to come to that.’

Craig spent nearly two hours wrestling with the giant 12ft shark, spearing it seven times and even attempting to drown the beast before eventually finishing it off with a long blade knife. (Rest of the story at

tiger shark diver2 Amazing Photos of Diver Fighting and Killing 12 ft. Tiger Shark by Hand

  • http://Yahoo Unknown

    These people think they are so cool if they kill sharks for their trophy pictures.They don’t have the right to take the life of another.

  • Babe18

    BLOODY SICK ITS DICUSTING! people are so greedy and nasty is unreal any one who hurts any animal should be shot! and i would have great plesure in doing it.

  • Lia

    this is disgusting shouldnt have been spear fishing this is ridiculous sharks mind their own business you are in their world not yours

  • Wahoo

    How long did it take to kill this shark? a long ass time. If the shark was attacking you, one or two spears wouldn’t stop it. They are fast, and have extremely thick skin. Conclusion: this guy saw a tiger, his buddy freaked out, he thought he’d kill the tiger regardless of the fact that is a harmless animal. This was a trophy kill and nothing more, no one was in any danger, had they been in danger they would be dead. I work with these animals and its hard to get people to be honest about encounters, they always tend to exaggerate, saying things like “it was a near death experience”. I’m sorry Craig, but please stop endorsing this stupid stunt, Many sharks are endangered animals.

  • Hippynikki1

    how wrong to kill an innocent creature

  • Essavani

    yes i agree he don’t need to kill it

  • Statip98

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