Where to Find the World’s Sexiest Girls

brazil beach Where to Find the Worlds Sexiest Girls

Matador nights has a good post on where to find the hottest girls outside of the U.S. They list: Mendoza, Havana, Tokyo, Dubai, Istanbul, Prague, Zagreb, Amsterdam, Seoul, Singapore.  I can’t claim to have been to the spots they’ve listed, but I concur with most of them from what I’ve heard.

Conspicuously absent was Brazil, Hong Kong, and Beirut. So of those three I’ve have only actually been to Brazil (the photo above is from Brazil), but it lives up to everything that you’ve ever heard of the place and more. You start to wonder down there what it is exactly that creates all these beautiful people! Hong Kong is an immensely international city and the New York of Asia (that and Shanghai). And the New York Times of all publications had an article extolling the beautiful girls of Beirut written interestingly enough by a women. It was also published in the International Herald Tribune under the provocative title, “Ramadan Over, Women of Beirut Prowl for Mates.”

floripa nightlife Where to Find the Worlds Sexiest Girls

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