Best Places to Learn to Surf

Here’s a great post on the best places to learn to surf posted on the surftherenow blog which has great info on surf and travel. Picking a good spot to learn can make a huge difference on picking up surfing quickly! There’s tons of different types of waves and size, most are unsuitable for learning. To get started you want a gentle, slow breaking wave and waves smaller than waist high. Of course, warm tropical water helps. The waves at many beach breaks are too fast and break too quickly to be good for learning. Here’s a good article on how to pick a good beach to learn to surf.

The top 5 places to learn to surf are:

  1. Cowell’s Beach, Santa Cruz, California
  2. Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii
  3. Miami Beach, Florida
  4. Mal Pais, Costa Rica
  5. Florianopolis, Brazil

 Best Places to Learn to Surf

  • david deparsia

    Im looking to move to florida ,, south beach or north Miami. Where is a good place to rent condo or apartment and learn how to surf.

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  • brackmanbusiness

    new smyrna beach near daytona or sebastian inlet. :) if you live near or close to orlando then you are close to both.